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Six steps to fix iPhone Camera Problems

Some iPhone users experience a blank screen after opening the camera app. The problem is not very common, but when it happens, you lose the opportunity to capture that perfect moment on your iPhone. In addition, you may be unable to record a video or take a picture. We have compiled a few steps where […]

Difference between Original and Copy iPhone Screens

What Does Right To Repair Mean to Apple and Third-Party Websites Image

What is the difference between the Original and Copy Screen? Original Screen, also known as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), is manufactured for Apple, while copy screens are only compatible replacements that third-party companies manufacture. However, there are several key differences between the two. First, we will identify and categorize iPhone Models which use OLED and […]

How To Update Or Restore Your iPhone or iPad

Apple’s iOS operating system can be found on iPhones and iPads. The operating system currently holds a 26.35% market share and continues to be a popular option among smartphone users. The operating system is simple to use but also powerful. Keeping up with the latest updates is important, however. According to one report, about 42.87% of Apple iPhone users have upgraded to the latest version of the mobile operating system, iOS 14.6.

How to solve error 4013 on iPhone X

iPhone X 4013 error happens whenever an update or restore process is not completed successfully. For example, if the USB cable is accidentally disconnected during the update process or a software bug will prevent the update from being carried out correctly or a hardware problem with the motherboard.

Why CelMetro is the best iPhone Repair Service Center in Dubai

When it comes to repair of Apple devices, there are numerous service providers that claim expertise and efficiency in this craft. Perhaps all of them are not even wrong in making this claim, however, when one purchases an iPhone, it becomes an integral part of their life. Right from appointments to contacts, mobile applications that assist in fitness or work, there is a complete support structure that exists on our smartphones.

How to update the AirPods firmware

AirPods Main

So, you bought yourself a pair of this incredible equipment for your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus and started using it. Then at some point you hear or read about an update that has rolled out for the AirPods (presently the latest version is 3.7.2) and you have no clue on how to update then manually.

Why Apple products are more than just electronic gadgets

As envisioned by Steve Jobs, Apple has always done things differently and even though sometimes their experiments haven’t been spot on, they have pushed the limits of technology and provided the World with designs we didn’t even know could be possible.

How to restore iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus using DFU mode?

Restore iPhone 7

DFU (Device Recovery Mode) allows iOS devices to be restored from any point and is your last option when it comes to restoring the iOS of your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. We recommend you try rebooting and resetting your iPhone device before you try this.

What is an iPhone 6 Plus touch disease?

Did you get your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus screen replaced but started seeing problems with the screen again or started having problems with the touch functionality, in a few days or weeks? You’re not alone.

What to do if your iPhone or iPad is stuck

In the past few years, it was a common joke to say, “well sir, have you tried switching if off and on again?”. Surprisingly enough, many problems can be resolved through simply restarting an iPhone or the iPad.