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Al Barsha 1 – Dubai

Pickup & Delivery Service

At CelMetro, we care about environmental sustainability. For example, when you request a pick-up and delivery service, our rider has to make four trips compared to the two trips you will need to get your device repaired.

Considering the environmental impact and recent fuel prices, we have implemented AED 0.80 per km charge for this service.

For example, if your location is a 10km drive from our store:

10 x 4 = 40km

40 x 0.80 = 32

Hence, pick-up and delivery will cost you AED 32.

Pick-up and delivery service is only available within the city limits of Dubai. We come and pick up your iPhone, iPad, or Mac from your home or work address and bring it promptly within 24 hours to our repair facility. Once we receive your device, our customer service team will contact you with the quote for repair.

Your smartphone will be well-protected during transportation, so damages and even scratches are not possible. In addition, smartphones and tablets are sensitive to high temperatures, so our employees have specialized cases for carrying the devices. This makes the transport 100% safe, and your device will be protected from the heat. The best thing you can do is give us a call, and our representative will arrive at the time of your convenience.

Your phone will be picked up, repaired, and returned. CelMetro – Your go-to out-of-warranty Apple Service Center in Dubai.


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