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iPad Water Damage Repair

Did you spill water on your iPad? We can help.

Did your iPad get wet? Spill coffee on it? Did it fall in the sea, swimming pool, or bathtub? Our expert technicians have an extremely high success rate at fixing water-damaged iPad. If you can get your device to us the same day it gets wet, we can fix it in more than 90% of the cases!

About iPad Water Damage:

Water damage in iPad is rare when compared to iPhones. However, with the aluminum body and glass screen, there are still some gaps where the liquid can get in and cause significant damage. Also, unlike iPhones, the iPad has no water resistance features. Therefore, if your iPad is exposed to water, you should turn it off immediately and dry it out externally as much as possible. It is always best to approach our repair center for a water damage service.

What happens when water covers your device’s motherboard? Why does liquid cause such problems for your device?

Electronics and water do not go well together. Components begin to fail; things stop functioning correctly, and eventually, your device will stop working if the necessary steps are not taken.

Liquid on circuit boards causes corrosion and oxidation resulting in the degradation of metals. Nothing good ever really comes of this. A circuit board corrodes just like a car rusts and eventually dies. Electronic devices suffer from various problems when liquid is introduced into their environment. The resistance between the components drops, metals break down, and solder joints deteriorate as corrosion spreads.

Corrosion causes pits and cracks in areas where electricity once freely flowed. In addition, the formation of metal fibers/clusters tends to occur, which bridges oppositely charged leads and causes arcing, or them to short out and fail.

The type of liquid significantly affects how quickly corrosion will spread. Fresh water is your friend when it comes to liquid damage; this is because they contain the least amount of corrosion accelerators compared to other liquids.

Salt water and chlorine are two of the worst types of liquid you can drop your device in. They contain elements that are heavy corrosion accelerators, which rapidly increase the spread of corrosion and kill your circuits. In addition, when salt water/chlorine drys up, they will leave minerals and deposits on the circuit board. These minerals will eat up the circuit board in a matter of hours.

With all our experience, the devices that have had the greatest success rate of surviving liquid exposure are those whose last contact was with fresh water.

A few tips if your iPad gets exposed to water:

Damage symptoms:

How long will it take?

Repair time will depend on how soon you bring your iPad to our service center once it is exposed to water. Usually, the device is fixed within the same day. In some cases, it might take up to 7 days or more.

How much will it cost?

iPad Water Damage Repair Prices in Dubai – United Arab Emirates

The pricing in this chart only applies to water damage repair, which includes full service, motherboard repair, and replacement of small components. You’ll pay additional costs if we have to replace any major parts, e.g., the screen, battery, camera, charging flex, etc. We offer a 50% discount on the second part and a 75% discount on the third part used for the same iPad.

We will require pre-approval for water damage repair. If any situation arises where we have to replace additional parts or if the repair price exceeds the pre-approval amount, we will seek your approval before proceeding with the repair.

You can refer to the iPad Repair page to learn more about other repairs.

All prices are in Arab Emirates Dirham (AED) and include VAT.

iPad Water Damage Repair

Customer Support

How can I get service for my device?

Carry-in repair

Please call the store you will be visiting to check for stock availability before arriving. No appointments are required.

Pickup & Delivery

We provide pickup & delivery service for an additional fee if you are located within the city limits of Dubai.


Courier service is available if you live in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras AL Khaimah or Fujairah.

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Here are some of the most common questions customers ask about iPad water damage.

The chances of getting your water-damaged iPad repaired depend on several factors:

What kind of liquid was it exposed to?
The chances of getting it repaired are more significant if it is exposed to fresh water.

How long its been since it was exposed to water?
The level of damage to the motherboard increases by the minute. Hence, skipping the rice trick and approaching your nearest iPad repair center is recommended.

Did you try to charge your iPad after it was exposed to water?
Charging your iPad after it is exposed to water increases the chances of the motherboard getting damaged.

How soon can you bring your iPad for service?
The sooner you bring your iPad to a repair center, the greater the chances are of getting it repaired and limiting the damage.

The iPad 2 and later models have no water damage indicators on the device. The easiest way to check for water damage is to look for corrosion in the SIM card tray, moisture under the back camera glass, or any corrosion in the charging connector.

Unlike iPhones, iPads have no water resistance features.