What to do after you say “OOPS!”

If you have gotten yourself an iPhone 7, you need not worry about this. You can drop it in the deep end of a swimming pool and nothing will happen to it. However, if you are using a model up to even the iPhone SE launched in early 2016, these tricks could potentially save your motherboard and other vital components from major liquid damage.

  • Do not turn it on. This may cause a short circuit within micro components and possibly damage the motherboard for good. If the phone is on after the water incident, switch it off immediately.
  • Start with drying the outside of your device either with tissues, cotton, or any absorbent cloth.
  • Next, use a suction device to stop water or any other liquid from seeping inside and staying there for a prolonged period. A vacuum cleaner can do the job.
  • Never try the famous rice packet trick by placing your phone in an airtight container with rice thinking that it will absorb the moisture. The time your iPhone will spend in the rice container with the battery connected will do more harm than saving it.

Important note: This step does not apply if you have even partially submerged your iPhone in any liquid. If you have dropped your iPhone in water and it has immersed for a couple of seconds even, it is highly recommended that you call us right away on 04-4541416 so we can immediately attend to your device and in most cases, reduce the repair cost significantly by saving certain internal components.

Leaving it unattended or delaying it could also damage the phone to a degree where it becomes not repairable. Especially if you live in UAE and your phone is exposed to saltwater, please do not wait and call us right away. From someone else’s phone, obviously.

Bonus tips:

  • DO NOT try to dry your iPhone with a hairdryer. This could fry the internal chips and circuitry. This would also dry the water but leave impurities stacked against the components causing corrosion.
  • Do not try to microwave it. For obvious reasons.

Have some other recommendations? Share them with us in the comments below.

Disclaimer: CelMetro takes no responsibility for any damage incurred to devices as a result of following any of the steps listed above.