Most Common iPhone Problems

And how to deal with them

Before we dive into the actual problems, there is an underrated solution that is often overlooked, and however simple it may seem, it can solve many of the issues. This simple solution is a hard reset. If you need help with how to reset your device hard, follow the link below for instructions:

Click here

iPhone LCD Display/Screen Related Issues:

Problem #1: When the display is either flickering, dim, or completely blank and in some cases when the backlight stops working. That is when your iPhone display looks yellowish as it would with night mode on. People usually assume it is a fault with their iPhone LCD unit. This is true; however, it could also result from water damage, dust, dirt, or even a loose connection.

Solution: iPhone is a complex device with integrated units working in conjunction, so opening it yourself is not advised. This requires professional support to diagnose the problem and resolve it effectively. In this case, the best option is to dial 04-4541416 to get professional support.

Problem #2: LCD is shattered, has a major scratch, backlight bleeding, or the touch is not working. An impact could cause this or if your iPhone is exposed to excessive heat for a prolonged period.

Solution: In this case, the LCD unit has stopped functioning the way it is supposed to, so the only feasible solution is to replace it. Once again, opening the iPhone, ensuring the safety of delicate chips and wiring inside, and replacing the LCD unit in the right manner requires a specific set of expert skills. Not to mention an ESD protected area that would avoid any sudden electrostatic discharge and destroy the device. Therefore, it is recommended for you to call 04-4541416 and have professionals resolve the problem.

iPhone is not charging:

There could be numerous reasons why this may happen. For example, it could be a malfunctioning charger, socket unit, software issue, or even perhaps the iPhone dock connector might have stopped working. To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

  • If you are using a wall charger, try using a different electrical socket. Otherwise, if you are trying to charge your iPhone via USB, try a different USB or connect it to a wall charger.
  • If the above step does not fix the problem, try hard resetting the device. The link to our instructional guide on how to hard reset the iPhone models is listed above.
  • Finally, try using another charger. If that still does not work, then the problem is probably with the dock connector, and the charging port must be changed.

Water Damage:

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are waterproof, but the older models are prone to faults if exposed to water on any other liquid. This is a highly time-sensitive problem, especially for people who are living in UAE because our tap water is sourced from the Sea and has corrosive properties. So, the longer the internal chips of your device, whether it is your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook, are in contact with water, the more chances are that the device may become irreparable. Call us immediately in such a situation, and our customer service team will ensure that the damage is minimized.

To find out about other possible iPhone faults, navigate to repairs on the top menu and select your device. Facing a problem not listed on our website? Call CelMetro for assistance!