A group of apple products in line together

Why Apple products are more than just electronic gadgets!

There are certain brands in the World, that promise their customers not only products but a way of life. As a result, they have become industry leaders and have gathered loyalists globally. One of the significant names on that list is Apple Inc.

As envisioned by Steve Jobs, Apple has always done things differently and even though sometimes their experiments haven’t been spot on, they have pushed the limits of technology and provided the World with designs we didn’t even know could be possible.

Evolution of Apple Inc. Logo

Apple Logo Evolution

The greatest achievement however in our opinion, in the course of their history, is how they create technology that does not just meet the needs of individuals in society but their products enhance the lives of people across the globe. While operating an iPhone or MacBook, it’s not simply the functionality that is impressive but the way those functions are executed to create a seamless experience for the user is what is at the crux.

For example, the launch of the Red iPhone 7 made us think why would people be inclined to upgrade only a few months after the launch of other iPhone 7 models, but as we said earlier, it is simply not an electronic gadget but an experience and that attracts people to it.

We understand that this blog is different from our usual guides and informative pieces. However, we felt we were due a tribute to Apple for doing what they do. Tell us about your favorite Apple product and the reason behind it.

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