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iPhone SE Microphone Repair

iPhone SE Microphone Repair

iPhone SE microphone is the audio input device that facilitates the basic function of a mobile phone. Needless to say, it is an essential part of your iPhone. So, if people are unable to hear you clearly or even at all, call us on 800iRepair and we will sort it out for you.

Price  265 AED
Warranty_Celmetro_Small  6 months warranty*
Repair Time  45 minutes for repair*
Free pickup and delivery  Pickup & Delivery

*Terms & Conditions apply

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iPhone SE Microphone Repair Details

General information:

A microphone, colloquially MIC is an acoustic-to-electric transducer that converts sound in air into an electrical signal. Normally condenser microphones are used in mobile phones. iPhone SE uses Multi-microphone solution (MMS), used for speech enhancement. When audio is received from multiple sources at once, unwanted chatter needs to be cancelled out. The microphone located on the bottom side has the most failure rate.

iPhone SE has microphones either assembled with the dock connector on a single flex assembly or with volume & mute button assembly during the manufacturing process. Therefore, the repair requires us to change the complete assembly in the case of damage. After inspecting your device, our customer care team will contact you to inform about the specifics.

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