iPhone SE Dock Connector Replacement

iPhone SE Dock Connector Replacement

265 د.إ

Is your iPhone SE not charging or connecting to iTunes as it normally used to? Then most likely the iPhone SE dock connector has developed an issue.

Price  285 AED
Warranty_Celmetro_Small  6 months warranty*
Repair Time  45 minutes for repair*
Free pickup and delivery  Pickup & Delivery

*Terms & Conditions apply

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iPhone SE Dock Connector Replacement Details

General information:

iPhone SE dock connector enables the connection to be established for charging or transferring files from PC/Mac to the iPhone. It is a vital component of the device as it is essentially the lifeline that charges the battery of the iPhone SE and enables the use of the device. So if it develops any faults, it is critical to replace it.

We only utilize OEM parts for our repairs and have certified expert technicians that can replace the iPhone SE dock connector to make your device as good as new again. All the repairs are performed in an ESD protected area to ensure safety of the device and its other supporting components. Don’t wait. Contact your trusted Apple repair center in Dubai today.

Why choose us?

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Technical specifications:

Can be inserted in either direction
Improved power capacity compared to Micro-USB’s
Power capacity: 12 watts
Can charge a device, or allow the device to power accessories
Can reassign lanes from digital to analog audio to be available from the iPhone dock
Interface with high-definition TV, VGA monitors, Secure Digital (SD) cards and SD card reader


You need to replace your iPhone SE Dock Connector if:

  • Does not charge.
  • Charges very slowly.
  • Disconnects intermittently when connected to computer or charger.
  • The computer does not detect your iPhone SE.
  • Accessory gets disconnected.
  • Does not connect with accessories at all.
  • Does not charge when placed on the dock.

Kindly reach out to us on 800iRepair or send us an email on webquery@celmetro.com to enquire about the iPhone SE dock connector replacement service.

What is included in the repair:
Protection of your device from electro static charge during the repair process.
34 point pre quality check will be performed.
Your iPhone SE will be disassembled.
The old iPhone SE Dock Connector will be replaced with a new one.
A general service will be performed before assembly.
Your device will be assembled to its original shape.
34 point post quality check will be performed.


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