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Lightning connector enables us to charge our iPhone & iPad, connect it to our iMac, MacBook or PC and that is why it is crucial that it stays in top form. A good habit is to put the iPhone with lightning connector on top when you place your iPhone in your pocket to avoid fabric particles from entering it.

If your lightning connector is not working properly and you are facing charging or connectivity problems we can try cleaning the charging connector for free, but it is not advisable for the user to clean it themselves otherwise they might damage the connector pins.

In the unlikely event where your iPhone charging connector is damaged, we will diagnose it for you and replace it with an OEM part. Commonly it is damaged when it encounters liquid. So, ensure lighting cable is dry before connecting it to your iPhone or your iPad. You have the option to request a pickup for our iPhone lightning connector Replacement service of your iPhone or iPad by clicking here or connect with us via phoneonline chat or visit one of our stores.

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