iPhone Battery Replacement

iPhone Battery Replacement

iphone battery repair
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We do not need to emphasize the necessity of the iPhone battery to operate correctly. It is the energy power bank that powers your iPhone. So, we have compiled ways for you to assess if your iPhone battery needs replacement.

Is your battery not charging properly, swollen, or perhaps the battery charge drops quickly even if you do not use it? Especially if your iPhone LCD screen starts separating from the iPhone frame. One of the main reasons for that could be that your battery is now expanding since it is deteriorating. In that case, please urgently replace the battery; otherwise, your iPhone LCD screen will get damaged, and the fix for that will be more expensive.

Some helpful tips to prolong your iPhone battery life include not charging the battery for the entire night, removing your iPhone from charging once the battery reaches 100% charge, and using the OS feature to optimize battery performance.

Apple introduced dual batteries in the new iPhone models to hold more charge and allow users a longer screen time. You have the option to request a pickup for our iPhone Battery Replacement service by clicking here or connect with us via phoneonline chat, or visit our location in Al Barsha – Dubai.

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Don't know what's wrong with your device? Don't worry about paying any fee upfront for diagnosis. Instead, visit one of our stores to know the problem with your device, how much it will cost, and how long it will take for repair.
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We provide free 360° service for your devices, where we clean the microphone, ear speaker, and charging port externally. This resolves most of the speaker, microphone, and charging problems from daily use.
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Not only do you get a complimentary screen protector when you get your iPhone, or iPad screen replaced, but we also throw in a free tempered glass screen protector with every other repair we provide for iPhones and iPads.
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