iPhone Screen Repair & Replacement

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iPhone Screen Repair & Replacement

Accidents happen. If you break your iPhone screen, we can help.

Support options

Carry-in repair

We keep most iPhone screens in stock. If you visit one of our stores, we can replace the screen in about 30 to 45 minutes. No appointments are required.

Please call the store you will be visiting to check for stock availability before arriving.

Pickup & Delivery

If you are busy at work or unable to spare some time to get your phone fixed, we offer pickup and delivery service for a convenience fee of 30 AED if you are within a 10km radius of the nearest CelMetro Store.


You can opt-in for a courier service if your location is more than a 10km radius of any CelMetro store. Read more…

All of our OEM screen replacements carry a 1-year Limited Warranty for any manufacturing defects. Terms and Conditions apply.

iPhone screen repair pricing in the United Arab Emirates

The pricing in this chart only applies to screen damage. If you have any other problem with your iPhone, you’ll pay additional costs. We offer a 50% discount on the second part and up to 75% discount on the third part used for the same iPhone.

You can refer to the iPhone Repair page to find out more about other repairs.

All prices are in Arab Emirates Dirham (AED) and include VAT. Accidental damage isn’t covered under our Limited Warranty. However, if your screen fails due to a manufacturing issue, it may be covered under our Limited Warranty.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

AED 1095

iPhone 11 Pro

AED 895

iPhone 11

AED 550

iPhone XS Max

AED 950

iPhone XS

AED 595

iPhone XR

AED 550

iPhone X

AED 595

iPhone SE 2020

AED 345

iPhone 8 Plus

AED 445

iPhone 8

AED 345

iPhone 7 Plus

AED 395

iPhone 7

AED 345

iPhone 6S Plus

AED 345

iPhone 6S

AED 295

iPhone 6 Plus

AED 295

iPhone 6

AED 245

iPhone 5se

AED 175

iPhone 5s

AED 175

iPhone 5

AED 175

Is your iPhone is not listed above?

We do not support screen replacement for the newly launched iPhone models as our cost for new screens is higher than Apple screen replacement pricing. Hence, we recommend visiting the Apple Store or any Apple Authorized Service Providers to replace the screen. You would need to make an appointment before visiting an Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider.

Is my iPhone covered under warranty?

If you have purchased your iPhone less than a year ago and there is no visible damage on your iPhone, you might be eligible to get your iPhone repaired under Apple Limited Warranty.

Cracked or broken iPhone screens are not covered under the Apple Limited Warranty. You might be able to replace your iPhone screen for a fee if you are covered under Apple Care+

Not sure if your iPhone is under warranty? Check if you have an Apple Limited Warranty or Apple Care+ by entering the iPhone serial or IMEI number.

Important Display Message

Apple tries to make screen replacement harder for third-party repair services. In iPhone 11 and later models, the screens are coded with an OTP (one-time programmable) serial number, which is linked to the serial number of the device. Once the screen is replaced, the iPhone detects the serial number stored in the software no longer matches with the new display serial number. Hence, it starts showing “Important Display Message” on your iPhone. This warning, similar to the recent addition of battery warnings, happens even if you swap a genuine Apple screen from one phone to another. Apple uses cloud-based proprietary software to link the serial numbers again, which removes the message, and this software is only accessible to authorized service providers.

Your iPhone will report if the screen on your iPhone has been replaced with a message: “Unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine Apple display.” It starts as a persistent message on your lock screen, lasting for four days. After that, the warning lodges itself in the Settings for 15 days and then in Settings > General > About after that. These notifications don’t affect your ability to use your iPhone or your display.

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