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iPad Air Restore Mode

iPad Air Restore Mode

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Repair Details

General information:

Recovery or Restore mode is a software state of a device where your iPad displays a cable with itunes symbol above it. Sometimes, an iPad will automatically go into recovery mode after an update or restore issue.

There can be several reasons for iPad Air Restore mode. It can be related to either software or hardware and can range from simplest software problem to critical hardware issues. This particular problem is demanding and hence needs a professional expertise to resolve this fault in your device.


You need to get your iPad Air Restore Mode repaired if:

  • iTunes doesn’t recognize your device or says it’s in recovery mode..
  • You cannot get your iPad out of recovery mode.

What will be repaired or replaced:

Our professional repair technicians will diagnose the problem which is causing your iPad Air Restore mode. Replace the required components and bring your iPad Air back to life.

What is included in the repair:
Protection of your device from electro static charge during the repair process.