iPhone 6 Plus Liquid Damage

iphone liquid damage repair

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6 Months


iPhone 6 Plus liquid damage repair

Did your iPhone 6 Plus get wet? Spill coffee on it? Did it fall in the sea, swimming pool or bathtub? Our expert technicians have an extremely high success rate at fixing liquid damaged iPhone 6 Plus. If you can get your device to us the same day it gets wet, we can fix it in more than 90% of the cases!

iPhone 6 Plus Liquid Damage Damage symptoms:

  • Does not switch on
  • Is not responding
  • Is not working as it should

Please note: If your iPhone 6 Plus gets wet, do not try to switch it on. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck out as much water as you can and get it to us as soon as possible. Do not try the rice bag trick because if you leave your iPhone 6 Plus in a rice bag the water will cause corrosion inside your iPhone 6 Plus and damage critical components of the motherboard.

iPhone 6 Plus Liquid Damage Repair time:

Whether you bring your liquid damaged iPhone 6 Plus to our service center in Al Barsha or request for a pickup, it will take us 1 – 7 days to repair depending on the amount and type of damage the liquid caused.

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