For all iPads, iPhones or any other similar electronic device

There is a recent trend by certain service providers to offer iPhone and iPad repairs at home. Repairing these devices requires set processes and they cannot be completed in the right manner without specialized tools. Thus, CelMetro recommends against availing a service of this nature in the interest of safeguarding the life of the device that has been damaged.

Here are some of the main reasons why:

  • ESD or Electro Static Discharge can cause multiple problems to the device being repaired, you may read more about it here. Without an ESD-protected environment, your device can undergo damage that can permanently diminish the capabilities of the motherboard and other components within an iPhone or iPad. Even if the problem isn’t visible right away, it could cause battery life reduction, the flickering of the screen, or even make the device irreparable.
  • Repairing an iPhone or iPad is a complex exercise. It requires the right lighting, a complete set of tools, and a sequenced set of tasks that need to complete in order to ensure that the device in hand is protected from any other harm.
  • In certain cases, if the technician does not have the right tools in hand, they might try and accomplish the task with make-do tools, which can end badly.

Essentially repairing these devices is like rocket science, it needs a specialized environment. You might end up saving a few hours but you could up with even a bigger problem with your iPhone or iPad than what you started with. To get it right the first time.