iPhone Front Camera Replacement

iPhone Front Camera Replacement

iphone front camera repair
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Is your iPhone front camera not working? Are you not able to take clear selfies? Dont worry! Call us to schedule for iPhone front camera replacement service.

iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 come with an improved front camera offering a 12-megapixel lens, next-generation Smart HDR for photos and Portrait Mode, as well as Portrait Lighting. This makes these newly launched models an instant hit with many of since we are all a fan of selfies.

Whereas iPhone X is when Apple launched the true depth camera in their front camera to utilize Face ID instead of Touch ID. This revolutionized the way we use our iPhones since our devices started to recognize us and unlock themselves only for us.

An important thing to note while using these newer models, however, is to ensure excessive moisture, sweat or water does not enter the Face ID component through the ear speaker opening because that can cause damage to the unit. Forcing you to rely on entering your passcode each time. In that instance you can always reach out to us and we will replace the Face ID and Flood sensor for you. You have the option to request for a pickup for our iPhone front camera replacement service of your device by clicking here or connecting with us via phoneonline chat or visiting our location in Al Barsha – Dubai

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