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iPhone Back Camera Replacement

iPhone Back Camera Replacement

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Is your iPhone main camera not working? not able to take pictures? Don’t worry, you can avail our iPhone back camera replacement service today!

This may very well be the most used function in our phones recently. With the age of the smartphone and especially with Apple’s investment in improving the iPhone cameras through the generations, we have completely moved away from tradition camera to using the iPhone back camera.

A significant improvement in the recent past was when Apple introduced dual camera in iPhone 7 Plus and from there on the improvements have been notable. Now iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max come with three cameras with Smart HDR. The camera can also understand specific parts of the photo, like a face or a flower, and apply separate Smart HDR improvements to those areas rather than a blanket change to the whole photo.

Just like all the components on our iPhone, the main camera is also susceptible to damage if the iPhone is dropped, specifically the main-camera glass. So, if your camera application is not opening or your iPhone is not taking the beautiful pictures like it is supposed to, then get in touch with us and let us resolve that issue for you. We utilize OEM parts and ensure your iPhone is safely restored to its former glory. You also have the option to request a pickup for our iPhone camera Replacement service of your device by clicking here or connect with us via phone or online chat.

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