In our opinion, there is a trend where the launch of every Apple iPhone is undeniably accompanied by a backlash of several overused comments. “It is way too expensive, these features have already come in Android, Apple just expects you to pay a premium price”, et cetera. But as an Apple iPhone user for years, we are here to say; yes, Steve Jobs’ era was more innovative and Apple unveiled its most popular products and features during that time, however, Apple iPhone 7 is the best smartphone in the market, and here are our top reasons why:

  1. The hardware and software integration: This has been Apple’s USP for as long as the company has existed but it is worth mentioning, specifically with the new iPhone. The range of tasks that we can accomplish with the combination of the A10 chip and iOS 10 is unbelievable. If you think we should do a video about that, please let us know in the comments below.
  2. The powerful A10 chip: A simple speed test against other brands’ flagship models would justify why we are mentioning this as a separate point.
  3. iPhone 7’s new home button: This is not really a button. But Apple has designed it with “taptic engine”, which makes it feel like one. In our opinion, this is great because it eliminates the need of changing a home button due to wear and tear. After all, it is the most used button on your iPhone.
  4. The Jet-Black Version: Fine, it scratches easily but asks anyone who has taken a brand-new iPhone 7 Jet-Black out of its box about how that feels. And they will tell you, it feels like the first time you held an aluminum body smartphone. The look, the feel, it is another step-up that Apple has achieved, yet again.
  5. The User Experience: By this, we don’t mean the UX/UI or anything technical. We love the new iPhone 7 for the same reason why we have loved all iPhones so far; the simple elegance. Right from when you unbox it, to every time you use it, there is a sense of understanding that deepens as to why you chose an iPhone from all the other options.

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