iPhone 6S Plus Back Cover Replacement

iPhone 6S Plus Back Cover Replacement

iPhone 6S Plus back cover is designed with a beautiful metallic finish and is available in multiple colour variants. It is an essential part of the device as it safeguards all internal components and gives the great look an feel to the user. Over time it can however gather up scratches or even crack if it falls on a hard surface but you don’t need to worry because we can replace it for you!

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Warranty_Celmetro_Small 30 days warranty*
Repair Time 90 minutes for repair*
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iPhone 6S Back Cover Repair Details

General information:

iPhone 6S Plus is genuinely a delight visually and when you use it mainly because of the meticulous design of the iPhone 6S Plus back cover and overall body. Over time the back cover is prone to damage or scratches considering that it is the most used device daily for almost every individual who owns it. It is also possible that the back cover might suffer a significant damage, such as breaking or cracking due to falling on a hard surface.

The iPhone 6S Plus back cover is one of the most vital part of your device. It protects and holds all the internal components together along with the LCD Screen. The back covers are available in Rose Gold Gold, Silver and Space Grey. You should always replace your iPhone housing if it develops a crack or has suffered severe damage.

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Technical specifications:

Aluminium and Glass Body
Anodized 6000 series aluminium
Sapphire Crystal for iSight camera surface


You need to replace your iPhone 6S Plus Back Cover if:

  • The rear cover glass is cracked, broken or shattered.
  • Has cracks or dents.
  • Is bent or damaged.
  • Has severe scratches on it.

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What is included in the repair:
Protection of your device from electro static charge during the repair process.
34 point pre quality check will be performed.
Your iPhone 6S Plus will be disassembled.
The old iPhone 6S Plus Back Cover will be replaced with a new one.
A general service will be performed before assembly.
Your device will be assembled to its original shape.
34 point post quality check will be performed.

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