iPhone 6S Compass Repair

iPhone 6S Compass Repair

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General information:

A compass is a navigational instrument for determining direction relative to the Earth’s magnetic poles. It consists of a magnetized pointer (usually marked on the North end) free to align itself with Earth’s magnetic field.

The iPhone 6S is equipped with a 3-axis electronic compass IC with high sensitive Hall sensor technology. It incorporates magnetic sensors for detecting terrestrial magnetism in the X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis, a sensor driving circuit, signal amplifier chain, and an arithmetic circuit for processing the signal from each sensor.

If you find any problem with your iPhone 6S Compass calibration or it does not show correct directions then it is time to get it repaired by a professional.

Technical specifications:

Silicon monolithic Hall-effect magnetic sensor
Magnetic concentrator which realizes 3-axis magnetometer
Output data resolution: 14-bit (0.6 µT/LSB), 16-bit (0.15 µT/LSB)
Measurement range: ± 4900 µT
Average current at 8Hz repetition rate: 280µA typ.


You need to get your iPhone 6S Compass repaired if:

  • The Compass app does not show directions anymore.
  • Your iPhone screen does not rotate.
  • Does not show directions in camera app.
  • Cannot play certain games that uses gyroscope.

What will be repaired or replaced:

We source the best OEM gyroscope replacement, which is high in quality, durable and efficient. Our professional repair technicians will change the iPhone 6S Compass module quickly and efficiently.

What is included in the repair:
Protection of your device from electro static charge during the repair process.
34 point pre quality check will be performed.
Your iPhone 6S will be disassembled.
Troubleshooting the problem.
Replacing the faulty iPhone 6S Compass module component.
A general service will be performed before assembly.
Your device will be assembled to its original shape.
34 point post quality check will be performed.


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