iPhone 6 Home Button Replacement

iPhone 6 Home Button Replacement

Is your iPhone 6 home button unresponsive? Give us a call on 800iRepair and we will replace it for you.

Price  265 AED
Warranty  6 months warranty*
Repair Time  30 minutes for repair*
Free pickup and delivery  Pickup & Delivery

*Terms & Conditions apply

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iPhone 6 Home Button Replacement Details

General information:

The Home button is a round shaped button that is located at the very bottom of your iPhone 6 screen that provides multiple functions for your device. It also acts as a wake up button when your iPhone is in the sleep mode. Touch ID is built into the iPhone 6 home button, which is now built of laser-cut sapphire crystal so as not to scratch (which would prevent Touch ID from working). It features a stainless steel detection ring to detect the user’s finger without pressing it.

The sensor uses capacitive touch to detect the user’s fingerprint. The sensor has a thickness of 170 µm, with 500 pixels per inch resolution. The user’s finger can be oriented in any direction and it will still be read. If you are facing any problems using your iPhone 6 Home button then it is time to get it replaced. Our professional repair technicians can repair your iPhone in no time!

Note: iPhone 6 Home Button is a TouchID which has a unique identification number which is paired with the internal circuitry. Changing the home button will compromise the TouchID functionality.

Why choose us?

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You need to replace your iPhone 6 Home Button if:

  • You cannot return to home screen anymore.
  • The home button is insensitive to your touch.
  • The iPhone home button is stuck.
  • It takes a great deal of effort to press the home button.
  • The home buttons work automatically.
  • The home buttons is not able to recognize your stored fingerprints.

Call us now on 800iRepair or email webquery@celmetro.com to speak to our service advisers or one of our customer service representatives to find out more or arrange a free pickup of your device within Dubai.

What is included in the repair:
Protection of your device from electro static charge during the repair process.
34 point pre quality check will be performed.
Your iPhone 6 will be disassembled.
The old iPhone 6 Home button flex will be replaced with a new one.
A general service will be performed before assembly.
Your device will be assembled to its original shape.
34 point post quality check will be performed.

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