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iPhone 4 Back Cover Replacement

iPhone 4 Back Cover Replacement

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Repair Details

General information:

Over the time the iPhone Back Cover is prone to damage or scratch. Considering the tough daily use of the device, it is even possible that the rear cover might suffer a significant damage, such as breaking or cracking.

The iPhone 4 Back Cover is the most vital part of your device. It protects and holds all the internal components together along with the LCD Screen. The Back Covers are available in black and white. You should always replace your iPhone housing if it develops a crack or has suffered severe damage.

Technical specifications:

 Made of aluminosilicate glass
 Chemically strengthened to be 30 times harder than plastic
 More scratch resistant and more durable than ever
 Oil-resistant coating that helps to keep it clean


You need to replace your iPhone 4 Back Cover if:

  • The rear cover glass is cracked, broken or shattered.
  • Has cracks or dents.
  • Is bent or damaged.
  • Has severe scratches on it.

What will be repaired or replaced:

We source the best OEM Back Cover replacement, which is high in quality, durable and efficient. Our professional repair technicians will fix the iPhone 4 Back Cover quickly and efficiently within couple of min