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iPad 2 Dock Connector Replacement

iPad 2 Dock Connector Replacement

Price 245 AED
Warranty_Celmetro_Small 6 months warranty*
Repair Time 45 minutes for repair*
Wait_Celmetro_Small This repair can be done while you wait
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Repair Details

General information:

A dock connector is a connector used to attach a mobile electronic device simultaneously to multiple external resources. The dock connector will typically carry a variety of signals and power, through a single connector, to simplify the process of docking the mobile device. A dock connector may be embedded in a mechanical fixture used to support or align the mobile device or may be at the end of a cable.

The iPad 2 use the proprietary 30-pin connector. If you face any problems related to the iPad 2 Dock Connector it is time to get it replaced by a professional.

Technical specifications:

 Audio In/Out
 Analog Video Out
 Power capacity: 9 watts
 Serial port
 Accessory pins


You need to replace your iPad 2 Dock Connector if:

  • Does not charge.
  • Charges very slowly.
  • Disconnects intermittently when connected to computer or charger.
  • The computer does not detect your iPad 2.
  • Accessory gets disconnected.
  • Does not connect with accessories at all.
  • Does not charge when placed on the dock.

What will be repaired or replaced: