The possibilities of what can be accomplished on a mobile device have been expanding since the launch of the first smartphone. Blackberry lead the market in mobile productivity at first, but soon the future was defined by the first-generation of iPhone in 2007, during the iconic keynote speech delivered by Steve Jobs himself.

In today’s world, for an average person, there is very little that exceeds the capabilities of recent iPhone models like the 6S, 6S Plus, 7, and 7 Plus. Even for creatives that use photo and video editing software, basic options are available on mobile versions. Today we are listing out our favorite functionalities available on iOS 10, that encompass the spectrum of work primarily.

  • Write long emails on the go: The seamless functionality of the application, coupled with larger-sized screens allows iPhone users to effortlessly stay connected via email. This is in no way a new function of an iPhone or even smartphone for that matter but it has now reached a point where going to a PC to write an email seems like a waste of time.
  • Edit pictures and videos on your iPhone: Trimmed versions of Adobe suite like PS Express, Spark, and Lightroom will allow you to turn your already amazing photos from an iPhone camera to shots that look like professionally captured portraits or landscapes.
  • Know your customers: Today’s world runs on data and now you have all the data you need right in your pocket. Especially if you are a business owner with a website and official social media accounts, reading backend analytics on Google, Facebook and Instagram are now a few taps away at all times.
  • Reach your customers: You can create and edit adverts on Google Adwords and social media platforms using their respective business applications. It is easy and requires only basic technical understanding. Marketing professionals can use these applications to do wonders for their clients.
  • Find the easiest way to your next meeting: Use Google Maps to find the shortest route, roads with less traffic by looking at real-time data available in most countries now, and even routes that would be fastest if you want to go a longer distance.