iPad 6 Front Camera Repair

ipad front camera repair replacement

AED 345


3-6 Hours

Repair Time

6 Months


iPad A1893/1954 (6th generation) Front Camera Repair

Do you need iPad 6 front camera repair? The iPad 6 front camera broken or not working properly? Does your iPad 6 camera application not open? Is your iPad 6 front camera unable to take sharp beautiful pictures as it supposed to? Are you seeing blurry distorted results every time you use it? We are here to help!

Damage symptoms:

  • Your iPad 6 camera application does not open
  • Is dark, black, or blank
  • Has lines, dead pixels, or spots in it
  • The iPad 6 camera is not able to click pictures or take videos
  • iPad 6 camera application is sluggish during operation

iPad 6 front camera repair time:

If you visit our repair centre located in Al Barsha it will take us approximately 6 hours to fix your iPad 6 front camera. You also have the option to request for a pickup of your device or connecting with us via phone or online chat. We will repair the front camera on your iPad 6 and send it back to you the same day it arrives in our service centre.

What the iPad 6 front camera repair includes:

  • Protection of your device from electrostatic charge during the repair process
  • 34-point pre quality check will be performed
  • Replacement of your iPad 6 front camera with an OEM part
  • A general service will be performed before assembly
  • Your device will be assembled to its original condition
  • 34-point post quality check will be performed

Online Support

Do you have any questions about your device or need more information on our services? You can chat online with one of CelMetro technical team member or customer service representative.

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