Improve your iPhone’s efficiency and performance

By managing permissions for applications

When you start using a new iPhone, it is equipped with enough power to run any number of applications without having any problems. This means that you don’t have to worry about getting into specifics of their operation. However, overtime, certain applications for example Facebook in specific, can start to take up too much of your storage space and even drain your battery.

Many people believe certain applications are unnecessary when you compare their usefulness to their flaws but if you are attached to your applications and do not want to visit social media via safari, then here are some tips for you, that can increase your iPhone’s battery life and overall performance.

  1. Go into ‘Settings’ à ‘General’ à ‘Storage & iCloud Usage’
  2. Examine the space each of the applications are consuming and if there is one that is taking way too much, delete that application
  3. Disable location services by going to ‘Settings’ à ‘Privacy’ à ‘Location Services’. This will increase your iPhone battery life.
  4. If you want to lean out the functionality of your iPhone even further, disable background app refresh. For that, go to ‘Settings’ à ‘General’ à ‘Background app refresh’ and click on toggle button beside all the applications that you don’t want refreshing in the background.

These steps may not seem necessary in the beginning but in due course of the time, you will learn to see their importance. On the other hand, if your iPhone is overheating, running extremely slow or the battery is simply draining out in a few hours, there might be an issue with the hardware or software installation. Kindly call us on 800iRepair for a free diagnosis of your device in that case. These problems are commonly seen after the iPhone is introduced to water in some form or dropped on a hard surface.