Apple continues to innovate and enhance the already excellent user experience of iPhone users. A couple of days ago, it launched iOS 10.2 that isn’t very different from 10.1, except for some new emojis and stability patches. However, today we are here to talk about our favorite features of iOS 10 in general, that contribute to making it the best smartphone operating system to date.

  • The amazing Siri:
  1. Siri has been around for a while now however the capabilities of Siri in iOS 10 have evolved and they come in handy. For example, we absolutely love the call some from your phonebook option. Try it; say “Hey Siri” and then once she is ready; “Call [take a name from phone book] using Skype” for example. Do make sure the Skype ID of that person is saved in the contacts for that to work through.
  • The 3D Touch:
  1. Apple works to make technology intuitive. They don’t always succeed in their first versions, but they always initiate a start of something great. We think the 3D Touch functionality is no exception to that. Using it may not come naturally to every user at the beginning but taking a selfie directly from the home screen control center is quite incredible. We recommend you try it.
  • New iMessage and text application upgrades:
  1. iOS 10 allows you to send an image or handwritten messages with multiple preloaded animation templates from the iMessage or text message application. Spice up your texting game with it.
  • Split-screen option in an iPad:
  1. Safari is the first application on the iPad that allows you to now open two tabs right next to each other. We have been using two windows or two screens to achieve the split-screen for years so glad this option came in where we can finally use two screens in the same window.
  • Sharing features:
  1. Gone are the days where you had to first open Whatsapp to share an image, location, or even a link from the App store. iOS 10 allows you to even share applications right from the home screen. 3D touch any application and you will see the share icon which will then display the standard sharing options of iOS.
  • iMovie application:
  1. The reasons for creatives and media professionals to always choose mac have been obvious. But now you can create stunning videos in only minutes using your iPhone. Preloaded templates allow users to even create trailers from multiple themes including action, fantasy, timeline et cetera.

Best part is that these features we talked about are standard without any third-party device integration. In reality, you can even control your office or home lighting right from the iPhone control center without even unlocking it. The future is here. So go on and discover iOS 10 and let us know if we have skipped any of your favourite features in the comments below.