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Interested in Apple products? Read informative guides and opinion pieces from your favourite Apple experts of UAE.

Most Common iPhone Problems

Before we dive into the actual problems, there is an underrated solution that is often overlooked and however simple it may seem, it can solve many of the problems. This simple solution is a hard reset....
September 10, 2017

Why CelMetro is the best iPhone Repair Service Center in Dubai

When it comes to repair of Apple devices, there are numerous service providers that claim expertise and efficiency in this craft. Perhaps all of them are not even wrong in making this claim, however, when one purchases an iPhone, it becomes an integral part of their life. Right from appointments to contacts, mobile applications that assist in fitness or work, there is a complete support structure that exists on our smartphones....
September 3, 2017

How to update the AirPods firmware

So, you bought yourself a pair of this incredible equipment for your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus and started using it. Then at some point you hear or read about an update that has rolled out for the AirPods (presently the latest version is 3.7.2) and you have no clue on how to update then manually....
June 20, 2017

Why Apple products are more than just electronic gadgets!

As envisioned by Steve Jobs, Apple has always done things differently and even though sometimes their experiments haven’t been spot on, they have pushed the limits of technology and provided the World with designs we didn’t even know could be possible....
May 24, 2017
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